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4 thoughts on “Contact

    • Thank you, Anne, for being so kind and giving us a bag of delicious groceries that evening! Warren has contacted us and we responded, so it will be cool to talk more with him. 🙂 I never got to meet you, but David shared his great interaction he had with you. Thank you again!

  1. Dear Virginia, I feel as if I know you after reading your beautiful prose. I have enjoyed your stories and accounts of your travels…I look forward to following you as you and David explore life together.
    I admire you both and wish you well…
    Not sure where I will be in six months, but if I am still in my home in Pensacola, please come to stay a few weeks or months…
    I would love to open up my home to you as you decompress from the adventure of a lifetime…

    • Dearest Anne, Your words are so kind and I know they are genuine. The care package of amazing sustenance you left with David that day was enjoyed by us in both you and Warren’s honor; we couldn’t be more appreciative. Thank you for your trust and opening your home to us in the future. You are certainly an incredible woman and I hope to meet you one day. 🙂

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