We want to thank and hug the multitude of amazing people who have supported us on our adventures.

If you are interested in teaming with us on our adventures, send us a message through our Contact page.

A HUGE thanks to Tim Dalton and Injinji Performance Toesocks for making our feet happy and blister-free, and choosing to sponsor us on our trek in life.
Injinji, we bow to you!

Roam the Earth. Eat Chocolate. You don’t have to tell us twice!

Fresh air breathes fresh ideas. In 2009, Pete Truby, founder of Salazon Chocolate Co, was backpacking through Utah when the idea for an energy-rich salted chocolate bar came to him. After visiting small organic cacao farms in the Dominican Republic and perfecting the recipe, he launched Salazon Chocolate Co., the first salted chocolate.
Salazon Chocolate is proud to support the National Scenic Trails with its Trail Series. At least 2% of gross sales of these bars goes to support the Triple Crown of National Scenic Trails.

salazon logo


Gratitude is sent to Gossamer Gear for providing the absolute best in ultralight backpacking gear, as well as a philosophy that mirrors that of our own: minimalism, adventure, and fun. Thank you for your kindness and support!



We were a couple of the healthiest, well-fed hikers on the AT thanks to Carma Halterman of Carma’s Cafe in Baltimore, MD. Her well-thought-out mail drops have provided us with, hands down, the tastiest love-filled foods possible. Thank you, Carma, you masterful chef and baker!

Carma's Cafe in Baltimore, MD

Mmm mmm! Carma’s Cafe in Baltimore, MD


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