It Is Complete. And Now We Begin!

We did it! Coast to coast on bicycles!
We survived the diesel truck-laden highways and the swarms of curious, kind, and interested people which whom we encountered daily on our cross-country bicycle tour.

Dun digga du-du DUN!

Bicycling from Big Sur, California down to San Diego, across through southern Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and through Florida’s panhandle to St. Augustine made the coast-to-coast trip official. At over 3,500 miles in about 3 months, it became the norm to wake up, eat, drink coffee, pedal, eat, pedal, eat, drink coffee, eat, pedal, pedal, eat, top the day off with a beer and a shooter of bourbon, conk out in sleep, and repeat the process day-in and day-out. Continue reading

The Art of Sleeping Wherever You Roam

Sleep: One of the most natural of animal needs and recurrences, necessary for growth and revitalization. It’s as free and simple as lying horizontally, closing your eyes, and relaxing your muscles and mind away from stimuli and toward a shifted consciousness of dreamland. Ahhh…sleep.

However, if you’re not planning on sleeping in a house, hotel, RV Park, or designated campground (i.e., if you want to sleep for free), then sleep is, um, not always that simple. Sleep shouldn’t be ‘illegal’ and you shouldn’t have to always pay for it. It should be free and simple, so we intend to make it that way!
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Wheel & Heel: Coast to Coast to Appalachian Trail

A quick history of our beginnings: Durango, Colorado was our launching pad to continue our explorations once we had found each other. Shortly after meeting, David began his long-planned adventure of motorcycling from Colorado through Arizona, California, Nevada, and back. He landed in Big Sur, California for longer than anticipated and quickly fell in love. When he returned from his motorcycle trip, we knew what to do: Sell our possessions, live out of the truck, and save money to move to Big Sur. And that’s exactly what we did. We have been in Big Sur for about a year and a half, and now new journeys are tugging at us wildly! Continue reading