Wheel & Heel: Coast to Coast to Appalachian Trail

A quick history of our beginnings: Durango, Colorado was our launching pad to continue our explorations once we had found each other. Shortly after meeting, David began his long-planned adventure of motorcycling from Colorado through Arizona, California, Nevada, and back. He landed in Big Sur, California for longer than anticipated and quickly fell in love. When he returned from his motorcycle trip, we knew what to do: Sell our possessions, live out of the truck, and save money to move to Big Sur. And that’s exactly what we did. We have been in Big Sur for about a year and a half, and now new journeys are tugging at us wildly!

For the past half a year, we have been planning our new adventure: To thru-hike the Appalachian Trail, starting at the northern terminus of Mount Katahdin in Maine and ending at the southern terminus of Springer Mountain in Georgia. A whopping 2,185 miles of hiking through North America’s oldest mountain range, and the world’s fourth oldest. We have been preparing our minds, our bodies, and our gear for this metamorphic and zestful voyage.

Originally planning to drive from Big Sur to the state of Virginia (where David’s family resides), we trashed that plan because, well…who needs to drive when you can bike?! Our philosophies line up perfectly on this: Minimalism and adventure devoid of clutter and superfluities.

And so it begins at the start of 2014.
David and Virginia will be bicycling from the West Coast to the East Coast (3,000-some-odd miles) before we begin our southbound thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail (2,185 miles)!

Our mission is to not only have fun and share in our love of the outdoors, but to gain experiences and insights that will allow us to uniquely thrive and flourish in our endeavors and explorations. Also, we hope to encourage and inspire others toward pursuing their dreams and goals, and to show that material possessions and psychological habits don’t have to hold you back anymore.

David is one hell-of-a photographer and his art is inspiring and invoking (davidhaltermanphoto.blogspot.com), and Virginia is a sculptor of written word, conjuring thought and emotionΒ  (www.fluxwritings.com). We’re here for the beauty, simplicity, wisdom, and the thrill of it all!




20 thoughts on “Wheel & Heel: Coast to Coast to Appalachian Trail

  1. Biking across country too? Wow, amazing. I had a friend that did that, she raised money for breast cancer I think. I guess it took her a month? I guess you guys have an open time frame. πŸ˜€ Be safe, don’t ride on big streets at night! When I visit the US next summer, it would be epic to possibly meet up with you two, maybe when you go to one of your food drop points on the trail, I can meet you there perhaps. Anyway, I can’t wait to see all the amazing photos and read the details of your amazing adventure! I’m wholly jealous. Also, you should put up a Bitcoin or Litecoin (or etc) address to receive those a donations as well.

    • A large part of the route will go through Texas, so it’s definitely possible. I would love to see you again Charlie! Come summer, let me know where/when you will be in the States.

    • Thank you, Brittany, for such a kind gesture! We will be taking a more southern route during the bicycling portion as to avoid snowy weather this winter, but I would love to stay in touch regardless!

  2. Hi Guys – Happy New Year! I’m not sure when you are headed off for your great adventure, but I wanted to wish you the best in all things important: love, health, experience, growth, simplicity, and awareness. I know you’ll have an amazing time and can’t wait to hear all about it on your blog. Please know that you will be missed! Love, Lauren

    • Lauren, we are both so happy to have met you and appreciate the time we’ve spent with you. You are such an amazing person, and thank you for your support! Lots of love from us both πŸ™‚

  3. Hey guys!! I hope you’re having fun & safe travels!! Please letme know if there is something you need that I could send to an address. Also, I would love to see you when/if you’re going to be passing through Norfolk, VA. Or close to…?! My thoughts & prayers are with you and I hope to hear from you soon!!
    Much Love, Julianne

  4. hi Virginia it is Raymond here, so happy to see your pictures’Congats on your travels.I am getting fb so I will see on there soon.Miss you !!

  5. I’m really enjoying your blog, it’s great you two found each other and can experience these adventures together.

  6. hey you two– i’ve been thinking about you and finally found this blog!!! how’s your adventure going?? i LOVE the pics-two gulps i had no idea your skills. and you guys are just the cutest ever, might i add. i’m in hanover, about to take off for the cape. maybe i’ll catch up you in two weeks when i return to the trail! have a BLAST in the whites (you’ll dominate). MUCH LOVE, molly (now smilie)

  7. David and Virginia,

    Its already been 4 months already since we met at The Lake of Clouds hut when you had just started your AT trek!
    In visiting your site I saw a picture of you climbing the ladders on Goose Eye in Maine where we hiked yesterday ( below zero wind chill!) prompting me to reach and out say hi again. Hope all is going well and was curious where you are now and what you have planned next?

    All the best,


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