We’re not dead!

Not AT



A year after leaving Big Sur on bicycle, we’re back out west in Oregon to live, love, and jump back into the working game.  If you’ve been trying to keep up with us through our updates on here, you must have assumed we fell off the face of the earth somewhere along the Appalachian Trail in southern New Jersey.  We are quite alive and well, and finished our SOBO AT thru hike on November 20th at 10:30 pm after a 32-mile day from Neels Gap to Springer Mountain.  As with the bike trip, we quickly found that it’s challenging to keep a blog updated during this type of removed, long distance travel.  So for those of you who were hoping for week to week updates, we apologize.    Did I mention that Virginia hiked 2,000 miles with a broken back?  True story.

In the meantime, here’s a few from the highlight reel.
























Virginia 2





Virginia 3










Snow 2





Virginia 4






4 thoughts on “We’re not dead!

  1. Sitting at my computer, I opened the favorites list in my browser (to scroll to what – I can’t remember now) and just felt compelled to click on the favorite for your blog. I hadn’t visited since your last post, and I honestly didn’t expect to find anything new, but much to my surprise here was something you’d just posted today 1/27/15! Love the photos and the story. Looking forward to hearing more anecdotes about the trip and I’m waiting with bated breath to hear about the “Virginia’s broken back” story. WHAAATTTT? Love you guys! 🙂

  2. I’d like the recipe for what you’re eating in picture n°9, I see you indulge to some gourmet food on the road 😉
    Looking forward to hearing from a future adventure!

  3. Mmmm, what an intriguing concept: gourmet Ramen. I love the extra fat content of Ramen and always eager to hear of ways to make it palatable. I also am eagerly awaiting the “broken back” story and further details of your SoBo.

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